Block Chain Invoices

Sun, 21 Aug 2016 21:50:00 GMT
Pete Harris, Principal of Lighthouse Partners, will briefly describe the plan of the event day ahead, and make some personal observations on the status of block chain ...
Mon, 22 Aug 2016 16:12:00 GMT
A blockchain —originally, block chain —is a distributed database that maintains a continuously-growing list of data records secured from tampering and revision.
Sat, 20 Aug 2016 15:10:00 GMT
The illustration above shows a simplified version of a block chain. A block of one or more new transactions is collected into the transaction data part of a block.
Tue, 16 Aug 2016 16:48:00 GMT
Thanx, I have used Payment block indicator 'B' only in FB60. but system not restrict for payment. System should not allowed for payment. Regards
Thu, 25 Aug 2016 11:15:00 GMT
SAP block tcodes (Transaction Codes). Block customer (centrally) tcode - XD05, Block Vendor (Centrally) tcode - XK05, Block customer (sales) tcode - VD05, Complete ...
Tue, 23 Aug 2016 21:19:00 GMT
SE 492: Supply Chain Systems Modeling Supply Chain Integration Dr. Mohamed Ben Daya Professor of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
Thu, 25 Aug 2016 11:15:00 GMT
SAP central posting block tcodes (Transaction Codes). C FI Maintain Table T001D tcode - OB28, C FI Maintain Table T001Q (Document) tcode - OBBH, Validation ...